You are wonderful and I truely appreciate your insight and advice. You opened my eyes to many "truths" that someone needed to shed some light on. Today is a new beginning. A Fresh start. Kind of like a new year. I appreciate the reading very much! I will definately be back.
I felt the reading was very clear and "down to earth". It was presented in a way I really appreciated - there was no twisting things by trying to make everything fluffy. Because it's not. It was kind of like having a good friend lay it on the line for you. It was useful AND It made sense.
MaryBeth makes the experience more personal and really tries to connect with you spiritually and emotionally. He takes the time to also have you connect with the cards so you have a more personal experience as well. The cards definitely touched many areas of my life that are in need of change.
I’m very grateful for all the information provided regarding my question and for all insight that you provided! I’m happy that I choose you to answer such an important question. If I feel stuck in the near future I’ll contact you again. For sure!